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Luggage Tags To Sew

Looking for a stylish and practical luggage tag? Don't look anywhere than the transatlantic luggage tag sign t-shirt, made of beige cotton fabric, this shirt is top-of-the-heap for any occasion. Plus, it’s sure To add a touch of luxury To each outfit.

Cheap Luggage Tags To Sew

This project is all about creating a stylish and functional luggage tag in beige cotton fabric, the tag will tell the world what state your suitcase is in when you step out of your door! This is tag that will help others To serve in the moose family. The tag is produced out of heavy duty threading and means that it will last and last be effective, the tag is moreover made out of better scouring fabric than the regular tag and everyone will know that you are something other than just a tag. This is and perforated luggage tag made of cloth and metal, it is lined with a light-colored cotton fabric and provides a moose patch on the front and 2000 on the back. The tag is fastened with a gold key ring, this is a tag To Sew on your luggage. The text is "2000 dare To serve" and the image is a bear with a wreath around his neck.