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Karl Lagerfeld Luggage Tags

Lagerfeld's black leather suitcase tag is an amazing addition to your store, this tag allows you to add an unique symbol of worth to your product, and adding a tag will help to the suitcase tag is a peerless addition to your store and will help to make your product more visible on your store.

Top 10 Karl Lagerfeld Luggage Tags

Presents some top-of-the-heap new luggage tags out there today, these tag are black leather and they look outstanding and also they have a lot of fun patterns to them. Is a fashion designer that presents a large influence on the modern fashion industry, his bags are commonly used by famous models and celebrities. Some of the brands that have his luggage tags include; zara, saint laurent, penney's, and much more, this rare, old fashion designer's influence is still evident in his bags and luggage tags. Some of the functions that these tags can be used for include; -to identify a person's name or line of work -to identify a person's personal effects -to identify a person's home or office -todiscourage fraud or fraudulent transactions is one of the most famous fashion designers in the world, his products and designs are found all over the world, including luggage tags and other accessories. This rare sales-packed luggage tag is a representation of his product and is only available for a limited time, don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind piece! Presents got his own brand of luggage tags - this one is black leather and measures 3 x4 x5 inches. It peerless for a person who loves good fashion and important possessions together.